The Most Important 7 Tips Before Travel

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The most important 7 tips before the trip

The Most Important 7 Tips Before Travel

1.Have a detail study of your destination

Before you set off to travel, you should know something about the place you are going to. You can read some of the travel blogger's articles online, or ask questions about your concerns in popular travel forums.

The second point is to take time to find out the local weather conditions and natural disasters that may be encountered. In addition, we need to know the local political environment and possible political turmoil, local cultural norms, dress requirements, folk customs, and other unexpected situations that may be encountered

When you have a good understanding of this information, the fear in your mind about that unknown place will be much reduced.

2.Booking should be sooner rather than later

If you want to travel on a holiday, it is best to make a decision as soon as possible. Whether it is an air ticket or a hotel, early booking means not only that you can get a low price, but also have more choices.

3.Read the comments carefully before booking.

Before you need to book a hotel or home on the website, be sure to read the comments carefully and don't easily book hotels or home-stays that have not yet been reviewed.


4.Prepare enough cash (local currency) and a credit card or debit card that can be used locally

According to your travel time, spending habits, local consumption level, prepare enough cash, and bring a few debit cards or credit cards that can be consumed locally.

If you are carrying a credit card, pay special attention to credit card security.

  • First, Take the money from the official ATM machine.
  • Second, check if the ATM machine is equipped with the theft device before withdrawing money.
  • Third, use the wallet with RFID blocking function during travel. If your wallet doesn't have RFID blocking, thieves can easily steal your credit card information. Especially when traveling, we don't know the local environment very well. Once the credit card information is leaked, it will be very difficult to handle.

4.Back up your important files

When you are traveling, if you encounter a lost or stolen passport, it will be a very troublesome thing.

At this time, you need to copy your passport and relevant identification documents before you leave, and take them with you.

At the same time, it's best to upload these important files to your own mailbox, or to a network drive, so that you can print new proofs online whenever the copy is lost.

5.Make reasonable use of your smartphone.

For security purposes, there are some specific software that we have to install on our mobile phone in advance. For example, when you travel in a strange city, and you happen to have no sense of direction, Google Maps has become a very important mobile phone software.

You can download the wireless version of the tourist city in advance in a place with internet, so that even if your mobile phone has no data or network, you can find the place you want to go easily.

6.Just prepare what you really need.

Before you travel, it's best to only pack those things that are really needed.

Carrying a lot of luggage:

  • it will make us very tired
  • When there are a lot of bags,we can easily forget something, or something is easy to be stolen.

7.Buying travel insurance

Buying travel insurance is just to make you feel more at ease on your way to travel.

In most cases we do not use travel insurance. So, most people feel that it is not necessary. But if there is no insurance when it is needed, things will become very troublesome for us.

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