How To Use Bandana To Protect Us From Corona-19?

Posted by Maisie yao on


As we know, the virus can be spread out via handshaking, talking face to face, embracing...etc, so the best way is to stay at home and isolated ourselves from the world. 

While it is not possible, we are social animals, need to walk out with dogs and family, dinner together, party together...

But doctors have said Mask is not needed (enough), so we have to use correct Bandana. 

From the above picture, you can see one man wear Bandana in various ways, which will not that embarrassment comparing with wearing one mask on, still can protect ourselves. 

Also per doctor,  the best material is denim, 99% to protect ourselves from viruses even somebody sneezing right before you, just too strong to keep healthy breath, very hard for people to wear one denim cloth on and breathe well. 

So we have to go back to cotton or polyester bandana, 80%+ efficient and not that bad look -- some designs even looks well. 

During this terrible Epidemic, Corona-19, we are wearing a mask every day during work and in the metro, such Bandana can be the replacement for mask:

You can choose from this link, various designs, cool and workable. 






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