What is RFID Blocking wallet?

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What is RFID Blocking wallet?

RFID Blocking wallets  

Before we know that, we may have heard many news about digital plagiarism or RFID hackers.

In some stations and shopping centers, as well as in some crowded places, we are vulnerable to digital plagiarism. This kind of digital plagiarism can easily steal your bank card information without touching your wallet.

RFID hackers using RFID reader can easily to get your bank information or personal information when they are passing by.

RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, which is a non-contact automatic identification technology.

It automatically recognizes the target object through RF signals, and can quickly track items and exchange data. RFID technology has been developed and applied for decades. The technology itself is very mature and can be seen everywhere in our daily life.

Maybe your ID card, credit cards, passport card and so on.

This technology has greatly facilitated our lives, but it also gives the criminals a chance.

Thieves can scan your card information when they passing by and then copy your credit card date to make a clone one. This kind of things are really happened around us.

That is why we may need a RFID blocking wallets to keep our information safe, if your cards are embed with RFID chips.

How RFID blocking wallets works?

RFID is mainly composed of three parts

Transponder: consists of an antenna, a coupling element and a chip. Generally, the tag is used as a transponder. Each tag has a unique electronic code attached to the object to identify the target object. Such as your credit card

Reader: A device consisting of an antenna, a coupling element, a chip, and reading (and sometimes writing) tag information. It can be designed as a handheld RFID reader or a fixed reader.

Application software system: It is application layer software, which mainly processes the collected data and uses it for people.

 So, the task of RFID blocking wallets is to become the wall between your cards and unknown scanners, is to block unknown scanners from stealing your information.


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